About Us

Southern New Jersey is home to amazing beaches and wooded trails for your dogs to explore. However, washing them after these adventures have always been an unwanted and uneasy task - there needed to be a simpler way. Thus, Muddy Paws was created; Cape May County's first self-service dog wash! We provide you with everything you need to leave your best friend looking and smelling great. Then when you're finished, just leave the mess with us! No more scrubbing your tub once the bathing process is complete. Stop in and get rid of the muddy paws at Muddy Paws!

Our Team



  • From the small town Bethel, Connecticut

  • Migrated to Cape May permanently in 2013

  • Has owned the following breeds: 
     - Golden Retriever - Monte
     - Bernese Mountain Dog - Baloo
     - Border Collie Mix - Ranger
     - Lab/Chow/Bulldog/Brittany Mix - Mowgli

  • Born in Upper Darby, PA

  • Grew up and has lived in Cape May County for the majority of his life

  • Has owned the following breeds: 

        - Chocolate Lab x2 - Dexter & Roxy

        - Yorkshire Terrier x2 - Tyler Biggs & Mercedes

        - Siberian Husky - Kato

  • From Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Grew up and has lived in Cape May County for the majority of her life

  • Has owned the following breeds: 
     - Rescue Mutt, maybe part lab - Loto
     - Rescue Mutt, maybe part Bernese Mountain Dog - Jake
     - Shepherd/Beagle mix - Abe

  • Born in Roseville, CA but lived the majority of her life in Oahu, Hawaii

  • Migrated to Cape May in 2019

  • Has owned the following breeds: 
     - Boxer - Roxy
     - Pitbulls - Piper & Maddy
     - Cocker Spaniels - Coco & Rusty
     - French Bulldogs - Rocky & Marble -

        - Chug (pug/chihuahua mix) - Anook

        - Beagles - Ella, Juliet, & Lucy

        - Hound/Lab Mix - Harley



  • Flat Coat Retriever/Chow Chow Mix (we think?)

  • Born in Georgia 

  • Rescued and sent to Atlantic City SPCA 

  • Adopted in October of 2014

  • His two favorite hobbies are:

    • Sifting through the trash

    • Snuggling

  • Siberian Husky

  • Born on Maryland Ave in Cape May

  • Adopted in December 2015

  • His two favorite hobbies are:

    • Running

    • Talking to anyone who will listen

Tail Wagging Reviews:

"Wonderful place! I took my baby there today for the first time and loved it!! so much easier to bath my dog and they are very helpful and kind. I didn't have to bring anything but me and my dog! This won't be my last time there!"

- Nancy Super