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Does your dog hate the blow dryer?  Or maybe you're just in a rush. Our quick dry option has you covered!


Leave it to our professional staff to take care of the bathing process for you. A quicker alternative to our full Drop & Go option. Schedule your appointment by calling our store at:

 (609) 551-2555 or stop in to check availability!


  • Snout to tail bath with shampoo & conditioner

    • Please notify staff of any skin issues ​in order for us to select the proper shampoo

  • Tearless all-natural face wash.

  • Ear cleaning.

  • Triple towel dry

  • Brush out

Nail trims are not included, however, we ARE able to do them! When scheduling your appointment please let our staff know if you would like to add a nail trim for $15.

*Please notify the employees of any aggression issues before bringing your dog in the store. We are able to accommodate almost any dog but some may need a little extra attention! We want to ensure a safe and happy environment for everyone. Thank you!

Wondering where your companion will be relaxing while they wait for you to return? No rusty, old crates here! Check out our handmade accommodations below:


  • Flea and Tick..... Price is dependent on the severity of the infestation

    • All dogs must be on some form of flea and tick control prior to bathing

    • Please notify staff of any flea concerns PRIOR to bringing your dog in the shop.

    • Due to health concerns, we do not accept extreme infestation cases - We want to ensure a comfortable, safe, and clean environment for all dogs.

  • Skunk.....Price is dependent on the severity

    • We are happy to offer our skunk shampoo for your dog - however, we please request that you try an at-home method prior to bringing them to the shop​

    • We may not always be able to accept a skunked dog; this is dependent on how busy the shop is

  • Anti-itch & calming / Dry skin & dandruff

  • Hypoallergenic​​ / Sensitive Skin

  • Coat brightening

  • Hot spot

  • Shed control..... Price is dependent on the severity of shedding.

    • Specialized shampoo and conditioner to control/reduce shedding

    • Full brush out with professional de-shedding tools


XS (10bs & Under) - $15

SMALL (15lbs - 25lbs) - $20

MEDIUM (30lbs - 45lbs) - $25

LARGE (50lbs - 65lbs) - $30

XLARGE (70lbs - 85lbs) - $35

2XL (90lbs & Over) - $45

(Plus tax)

*Prices subject to change and are dependent on excessive dirt, condition of hair (mats, knots, etc.), and temperament of the dog.

*Note: The last quick-dry appointment is at least an hour prior to closing - dependent on the size of the dog and length of the bath needed.

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