Leave the Mess with US!

Muddy Paws wants to ensure a comfortable, easy, and fun bath time experience for both our two and four legged customers. 


Have errands to run?  Don't have time to wash the dog? Our drop & go option has you covered!


Leave it to our professional staff to take care of the bathing process for you. Schedule your appointment by calling our store at (609) 551-2555 or stop in to check availability.

(Please be aware we do not offer a full grooming service - for example: hair cuts, shavings, trims, or ear plucking.)


  • Snout to tail bath with shampoo & conditioner.

    • Please notify staff of any skin issues​ in order for us to select the proper shampoo

  • Tearless all-natural face wash.

  • Ear cleaning.

  • Blow-dry.

  • Brush out.

Nail trims are not included however, we ARE able to do them! When scheduling your appointment, please let our staff know if you would like to add a nail trim for $10.

*Nail trims are also available without a bath on a walk-in basis. We do recommend calling before coming in to ensure our professional nail trimmer is available.

*Please notify the employees of any aggression issues before bringing your dog in the store. We are able to accommodate almost any dog but some may need a little extra attention! We want to ensure a safe and happy environment for everyone. Thank you!

Wondering where your companion will be relaxing while they wait for you to return?

Check out our handmade accommodations below:


  • Flea and Tick..... Price is dependent on the severity of the infestation

    •  All dogs must be on some form of flea and tick control prior to bathing

    • Please notify staff of any flea concerns PRIOR to bringing your dog in the shop.

    • Due to health concerns, we do not accept extreme infestation cases - We want to ensure a comfortable, safe, and clean environment for all dogs.

  • Skunk.....Price is dependent on the severity of smell

    • We are happy to offer our skunk shampoo for your dog - however, we please request that you try an at-home method prior to bringing them to the shop​

    • We may not always be able to accept a skunked dog; this is dependent on how busy the shop is

  • Sensitive skin

  • Anti-itch & calming

  • Dry skin & dandruff

  • Hypoallergenic​​

  • Coat brightening

  • Shed control..... Price is dependent on the severity of shedding.

    • Specialized shampoo and conditioner to control/reduce shedding

    • Full brush out with professional de-shedding tools

  • Hot spot


SMALL (20lbs & Under) - $25

MEDIUM (21lbs - 50lbs) - $30

LARGE (51lbs - 80lbs) - $35

XLARGE (81lbs + Over) - $45

(Plus tax)

*Prices subject to change and are dependent on excessive dirt, condition of hair (mats, knots, etc.) and temperament of the dog.

*Note: The last drop & go appointment is at least an hour and a half prior to closing - dependent on the size of dog and length of the bath needed.

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