Leave the Mess with US!


Your dog trusts you the most, so enjoy the experience with them!


We supply everything you need to leave your best friend looking and smelling great. Our professional line of dog products and grooming equipment covers all the bases for a no-hassle bathing experience. No reservation necessary - first come first serve!

*Please notify the employees of any aggression issues BEFORE bringing your dog in the store. We are able to accommodate almost any dog but some may need a little extra attention! We want to ensure a safe and happy environment for everyone. Thank you!


  • Elevated tubs & tables.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner.

    • Good for all dogs over 6 weeks of age. ​

  • Tearless all-natural face wash.

  • Ear wipes.

  • Temperature-controlled water.

  • Professional grooming blow dryer, brushes, and combs.

  • Towels and chamois.

  • An apron to keep you dry!

Nail trims, provided by our staff, are available for an additional $10. However, we are more than happy to provide all of our customers with nail clippers to do it themselves for free.


  • Flea and Tick..... Price is dependent on severity of infestation

    •  All dogs must be on some form or flea and tick control prior to bathing

    • Please notify staff of any flea concerns PRIOR to bringing your dog in the shop.

    • Due to health concerns we do not accept extreme infestation cases - We want to ensure a comfortable, safe, and clean environment for all dogs.

  • Skunk.....Price is dependent on severity

    • We are happy to offer our skunk shampoo for your dog - however we please request that you try an at home method prior to bringing them to the shop​

    • We may not always be able to accept a skunked dog; this is dependent on how busy the shop is

  • Sensitive skin

  • Anti-itch & calming

  • Dry skin & dandruff

  • Hypoallergenic​​

  • Coat brightening

  • Shed control..... Price is dependent on the severity of shedding

    • Specialized shampoo and conditioner to control/reduce shedding

    • Full brush out with professional de-shedding tools

  • Hot spot


SMALL (20lbs & Under) - $13

MEDIUM (21lbs - 50lbs) - $16

LARGE (51lbs - 80lbs) - $19

XLARGE (81lbs + Over) - $23

(Plus tax)

*Note: The last self-service bath ends 30 minutes prior to closing.

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